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Intruder alarms and every other security system are man-made. This means that they could possibly develop some faults after some time of service. The alarm control panel itself may become faulty or it might be just an external component that is faulty. The fault could also come from the intruder alarm’s sensors or from the CCTV cameras. One thing is clear, whenever you have malfunctioning or damaged security systems, then security system onsite repairs and maintenance is the service you need and Jim’s Security Melbourne is the expert service provider in such a situation.

Do-It-Yourself or call the Experts?

Some people are naturally inclined to try their hands at everything, and that is understandable. However, when it comes to security systems, you may want to leave them for the professionals. This is because intruder alarms and CCTV cameras and sensors e.t.c are all relatively high-tech, therefore someone without proper training can easily damage any of the components of the systems.

The Problem with Batteries

When it comes to security system onsite repairs and maintenance, batteries are the most common culprits. Even rechargeable batteries do develop faults for some reason and then die. So most of the time when a security expert comes for an onsite repair or maintenance of your security installation, the battery inside the alarm control panel will be checked. Also if you have a wireless intruder alarm system, then there will be much more batteries to check, because their sensors will be battery-powered. The same goes for wireless CCTV cameras, although some use batteries and others use a mains connection, those that use batteries will need more regular attention.

Sensor Issues

Sensors are the devices that alert the alarm control system about an intruder. Sensors, like other devices, can become faulty with time. So, given the type of error you are getting from your security system, the expert may have to check the sensors. There is also what is called a tamper circuit, its job is to help prevent people from tampering with the sensors. So if a sensor has been tampered with, or even if the sensor is faulty, you may get the tamper warning.

Camera Issues

You may not be seeing any image from your camera, the image may be blurred or you may be experiencing some other issues with your CCTV System. This may be caused by parts that have become loose, or that were tampered with, or maybe it is an outdoor camera and the effects of the elements have finally caught up with it. What you need in such a situation is to call an expert.

DVR Issues

Digital Video Recorders, DVRs can also present their own problems, when used as a recording medium for CCTV video streams. Your DVR device may not be able to record data onto disk, or you may not be able to view a video feed remotely. The device could even refuse to switch on, or it may display some other forms of error messages. For such problems, the technicians from Jim’s Security Melbourne are what you need.

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Surely, you may wish to try your hand at repairing your security installation by yourself. But the chances are high that you will end up doing more harm than good to the system and possibly damage it permanently. To resolve any of the problems listed above and other issues with your security system, give us a call today or contact us online. We are Jim’s Security Melbourne, a member of the reputable Jim’s Group. You can therefore rely on us for professionalism and our impeccable customer service.

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