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1851Intruder alarms are security systems designed to detect instances of unauthorised entry into a designated area, like a house, an office or business premises. Intrusion alarms are generally made up of an alarm control panel, sensors and an alerting device. The sensors can be any type of the wide variety of sensor types, all it has to do is to send a signal to the alarm control panel, once a window or a door has been opened, a glass has been shattered or movements detected in a particular area. The control panel will then either sound an alarm or alert a monitoring service, or it will do both simultaneously.Benefits of Intruder AlarmsJim’s Security Melbourne offers electronic intruder and burglar alarms that are designed to give you rest of mind by securing your home, office or business premises. In the case of an intrusion, our system will first try to deter the intruder and also send a notification to any pre-designated numbers or to our monitoring service directly. This combination of deterrence and notifications helps in minimising possible damages. The installation of an intruder alarm will also help you to reduce insurance costs because premises secured with intruder alarms are 2 to 3 times less likely to be burgled.

The Different Types of Burglar Alarms

There are different possible configurations for an intruder alarm, and this depends on the technology employed in its design. There are wired and wireless systems that each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Wireless alarm systems on one hand, can look quite good and they are easier to install. On the other hand, their sensors require more components and must use a battery powered circuit to communicate with the alarm control.

This makes wireless systems more expensive, but although wired systems cost less in this regard, they need to be installed by a professional, who knows how to properly hide the wires. This makes wired systems more expensive to install. The other major difference between intruder alarms is the type of sensor used.

Here are a few sensor types:

Infra-red Motion Detectors
These detectors can easily pick up any temperature difference in the environment which usually results from the movement of humans or animals. It then alerts the alarm control panel of detected motion.

Reed Switches for Doors & Windows
These switches, usually hermetically sealed, will send a signal to the alarm control panel once there is a change in it’s default status. This status is a combination of a switch and a magnetic field and is usually in default mode when a door or window is closed. Any change, like the opening of the door will then trigger the alarm.

Photo-electric Beams
This is a system of intruder alarms that uses a ray of either visible or invisible light to detect motion. There is normally a light-sensitive diode circuit that monitors the straight ray of light and once there is a break because of movement, an alarm will be triggered.

Ultrasonic Detection
This system of motion detection uses a scientific principle called the Doppler principle. The system basically transmits ultra-sonic sound into the area to be monitored and then analyses the reverberations. According to the Doppler principle, moving objects will change the reverberation frequency, so an alarm will be triggered.

How to Use Intruder Alarms

The operating principles of intruder alarms are basically arming and disarming of the system. You will need to enter a security code into the system’s keypad in order to change its mode. The two operating modes are armed and disarmed.

1. Armed
When armed, any sensor’s alert signals will be considered serious and the programmed alarm protocols will be followed. You arm the system when going to bed of when leaving the house or office.

2. Disarmed
You disarm the alarm system when you are inside your home, business premise or office and you are awake, and not sleeping or about to. In this mode, you can open any door or window you like, without triggering an alarm. It’s as simple as that.

When you make the choice to invest in an intruder alarm system, you may also want to consider the need for added video surveillance. If you are not quite sure about the exact system you want, or if you have any other questions concerning intruder alarms, feel free to contact us at any time. We are Jim’s Security Melbourne, a member of the reputable Jim’s Group, and we will be glad to assist you further.

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