Access Control and Intercom Systems at Jim’s Security Melbourne

When installing security systems for businesses, homes and properties most people concentrate on CCTV cameras and locks but overlook the importance of having good access control and Intercom Systems. Here at Jim’s Security Melbourne, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with the very best Access Control and Intercom services. Access control and intercom systems use sophisticated technology to ease communication and enhance security within your premise. Here is why you need to get a good access control and intercom system installed in your business or home;

A good access control system can help you control and determine who is allowed to get into your home or business premise even when you are not around. This locks out the possibilities of unwanted wanderers and burglars from accessing your facility. The door access controlled system requires the authorized users to have an Identity. Normally this is a chipped card or use of a thumbprint before the doors can open. Without any of the above, the doors won’t move an inch. This is way safer than the key and lock system. The fact that it is easy to misplace keys, makes the access control system very convenient.

A good intercom system is important especially in homes. They are very handy and convenient especially for people living in large houses and need to ease communication between the rooms and the outside. Intercom systems with a monitor are installed at the door and before someone can be let it, the owner can see and communicate with the visitor. This reduces the risk of opening your door to complete strangers who might turn out to be dangerous. An intercom system can also be used to monitor babies and communicate effectively within the rooms in the house. Instead of shouting around the house, an intercom system will help you pass your message with ease.

It is therefore important to have an access control and intercom system installed in your premise. For them to work efficiently, the systems need to be installed by experts who have experience in the field. Experts in this field don’t come better than us at Jim’s Security Melbourne. Here is why you should let us install Access Control and Intercom systems in and around Melbourne;

1. High Quality Tools
At Jim’s Security Melbourne, we have invested in high quality tested security tools that will get the work down efficiently. From High Quality CCTV Cameras, Access Control Machines, Intercom Monitors and many other accessories, we only use the best to guarantee your safety and the security of your property.

2. Automation and remote monitoring
Different from the other security firms, we offer automation and remote control systems. Imagine monitoring and controlling the security system from your smartphone? At Jim’s Security Melbourne, we have a comprehensive software that allows you to remotely view, control and access your security system from your phone.

3. Affordable Prices
We offer our services at affordable prices. We value you, our customer so much and therefore aim to install the systems at a pocket friendly price. Whatever the Intercom or Access Control System you want installed, we will quote an affordable price for you.

4. Experienced Technicians
Our security technicians who do the installing of the security systems have been in operation for very many years. They always keep in touch with the latest technology trends in the market and couple it with their years of experience to provide trusted quality installations. Trust our staff to not only install the systems but also educate you on how to use and maintain the systems.

Contact us today and discuss with our security experts on the best Access Control and Intercom System that your business or residential facility needs. Get our security system installed today to avoid paying the ultimate price!

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