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After installing an alarm system, most people assume that they have got the job done and that their security is more than guaranteed. This however, is not the case. Once you have an alarm system installed in your premise, it is important to get 24/7 alarm monitoring of your alarms to get the most of your investment. We all want to have our loved ones and hard earned properties watched over for 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year long. At Jim’s Security Melbourne, we acknowledge the importance of quick alarm responses and therefore offer the best home and commercial 24/7 alarm monitoring services.

There are very many reasons you should get your alarm system monitored by a professional company like Jim’s Security. Most people especially living in urban areas like Melbourne assume that in case anything triggers their alarms, the authorities will hear it blaring and respond to it. That’s one of the reasons there are very many ignored and unattended to alarms all around our cities. Getting your alarm monitored will mean quick responses to any alarm alerts. Getting your alarms monitored will also mean that the risk of false alarms is significantly reduced and in cases when it is inevitable, your alarm response team will remotely switch it off. Whether you own a large facility like a manufacturing plant, a school, business offices or just a residential home, it’s of paramount importance to have your alarms monitored 24/7. Having your alarms professionally monitored will also reduce the amount of money paid for insurance. If you are looking for a 24/7 alarm monitoring services in and around Melbourne, here is why Jim’s Security Melbourne should be your priority always;

1. Comprehensive Alarm Monitoring services
At Jim’s Security, we provide a range of alarm monitoring services. We offer;

Intrusion alarm monitoring– this is for your facility or residential home to be watched over for 24/7 against any intruders or burglars. Any unwarranted entry of attempt will be responded to immediately.

Medical Alarm responses– medical alarms monitoring is meant to provide quick medical responses to ailing members of the family or for people who have medical complications that can escalate quickly like diabetes

Personal alarms– we offer personal alarms monitoring for quick responses to emergencies and panic alerts. Any time you feel threatened and need to get relevant authorities to your home, our response team will gladly respond.

Plant & equipment alarm monitoring– we also provide extensive alarm monitoring of any plant or facility irrespective of its size and purpose.

2. Highly trained and motivated staff
We have a large number of highly trained and extremely motivated group of staff who work around the clock to ensure that you and your property are safe. Our staff works in shifts and there is no risk of fatigue whatsoever. In case of any alarm alert, our response team will be on hand and will contact the authorities when necessary.

3. State of the art facilities and technology
At Jim’s Security Melbourne, we have the best and latest equipment and technology needed to monitor and quickly respond to any alarm alerts. Wherever you are, whenever the time, our staff will be able to identify the specific place the alarm is coming from and use the quickest possible route to respond. Our technology makes the services easy and more convenient.

4. Affordable Prices
We pride ourselves in providing affordable services to our clients. We understand the importance of having your alarms monitored and therefore are willing to offer the service at a price you can afford. Whether it’s the medical alarm, personal alarm or even plant & facility monitoring, we will quote you an affordable price.

5. We are Certified!
Nobody wants to employ some rogue company to watch over their property. There are endless possibilities of what such people can do. From sleeping on their jobs to colluding with criminals they are a great risk you should avoid. Our monitoring centre is audited and certified by the ASIAL (Australian Security Industry Association Limited). You can therefore trust us to provide the best 24/7 alarm monitoring services.

Give us a call today and get advice and a free quote from our ever present customer care service. Trust and hire the Jim’s Security Melbourne, for the best 24/7 alarm monitoring services.

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