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The rate at which technology is growing is just tremendous. There are new technological innovations that are coming up left right and centre today. These innovations are affecting the security industry so much. Not only is it easier to monitor and control security systems, it is quicker and reliable. The NBN (National Broadband Network) is one such amazing innovative tool that is slowly but positively affecting the way security systems operate all across Australia.

As the NBN continues to be rolled out in Australia, we at Jim’s Security Melbourne have not been left behind. We have tried our level best to keep up with the quickly growing trend by providing our customers with NBN Solutions that fit their security systems. Very many people are making the big switch over to use of NBN communication paths and we are helping them big time.

Whether you have a pre-installed security system and wish to integrate it with the NBN, or want to install an NBN compatible security system in and around Melbourne, trust Jim’s Security Melbourne to get your work done. Integrating your security system with the NBN has numerous advantages and benefits. Here is why you should consider getting the NBN system integrated with your security system;

Quicker Communication
The NBN fast connection provides a quicker connection route to offer connections between you and you security service broadband. Alarm monitoring and responses to distress calls will be relatively quicker those of the traditional communication paths. A quick broadband also improves the connectivity of your whole security system together. From the CCTV cameras to Intercom systems the whole system will be seamless be linked to one another enabling easy monitoring.

Remote monitoring
The NBN will make it easy for us your service provider to monitor your security system. The high speed connectivity channeled through the cables makes Alarm monitoring more efficient and better. This does not mean that we are advocating or preferring NBN to the old traditional communication systems.

It might not make too much sense to you right now about the way the NBN works or affects your security system but we at Jim’s Security Melbourne are here to help you understand and get through the transition smoothly. Some areas are not yet connected with the NBN but as per the projection of the national government, 93-95% of all the urban areas, schools and public facilities are bound to be connected with the NBN.

We at Jim’s have braced ourselves for the imminent change. Our team of technicians has the right technological know-how and expertise to advise you and install ports and facilities that will integrate the NBN connection to your security system. Whether you want us to upgrade and change the existing security system to accommodate the NBN or want to install a totally new NBN integrated security system, we are at hand to help.

Contact Jim’s Security Melbourne, for any NBN Solutions that fit you. Contact us for an affordable price quote on the NBN solutions and together lets embrace this amazing technological advancements.

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